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So that you do not administer treatment to the wrong patient.

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Q: Why is it important to verify patient information first?
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What is the first key to successful claims processing?

Collect and Verify Patient Information

Who is the most important person in a first aid situation and why?

Paramedic is the most important person in a first aid because he knows that how to deals with the patient in serious condition.

Is Patient First a respected community care center?

Patient First is a respected community care center according to its website. To find out more information about Patient First, it is recommended to view local ratings.

Name two patient identifiers and why they are important?

Two patient identifiers: Name (first, last) and date of birth. Important for patient safety and correct identification of patient prior to any service or high risk activity.

List the most important function of health care management?

Customer Service or patient satisfaction, the patient is always the first priority

What is the first responsibility of EMT BASIC?

The first responsibility of EMT Basic is to himself and to the crew that noone is put into danger. You do not need two people in need of pre-hospital care. The first responsibility to a patient is to make sure the patient has an open airway, then make sure the patient is breathing and then make sure that the patient has a pulse. If there is more than one patient, triage is important and control bleeding and shock.

What is the First step to troubleshooting?

verify the complaint

Who was Florence Nightingale's first patient?

her first living patient was a sheep dog

If someone calls about a patient and claims hes the son and would like information How would you respond to the call?

Any health care professional has an obligation first and foremost to maintain patient confidentiality. I tend to do the following:- try and get the patient to the phone and allow them to speak to the caller directly OR speak to the patient and try and get consent to give information to the caller claiming to be her son (but explain to the patient that I cannot confirm it) OR advise the caller that the patient has "had a pleasent morning and is currently stable" but that any other more specific information can only be discussed in person. An alternative is to call the son back when Identity and consent to discuss the patient with him has been obtained.

What is the first and most important procedure to do when a patient swallows poison?

Call medics; have the person drink milk; try to induce vomitting.

What does aeger primo mean?

It is Latin for "Patient First" a motto for Surgical Technologists.

What is the most important step to take before drawing blood from a patient?

you MUST properly identify the patient first, then continue with the blood draw, things get mixed up way too often!!