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it is important to understand a child's behavior so you know how to deal with it.

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Q: Why is it important to understand a child's behavior?
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Why is it important to understand Maslow's hierarchy when planning play activities for children?

because you have to make sure that all of the childs needs are being met during the activity

Why is it important for a child to know colors?

because its gayit is important to understand a child's behavior so you know how to deal with it

Why are attributions important determinants of behavior in organization?

Attributions are important determinants of behavior in an organization because they explain the reasons for the actions of individuals within that organization. These will help the managers understand the causes of employee behavior, which can then be used for motivational purposes.

Is the study of organizational behavior important?

The study of organizational behavior allows you to understand how an organization operates. Once this is understood, then weak points in the system can be strengthened.

Why is it important to understand the different behavior traits of teenagers?

maybe because they are a teenager and they can also manage them selves..

Why is it important to complement intuition with systematic study in attempts to understand behavior within organizations?

Because intuition is often wrong.

What do you understand by behavior?

To behave?

What is goal three about?

The goal after goal two In psychology the three goals of science are 1) to describe behavior, 2) to predict behavior, 3) to determine the causes of behavior, and 4) to understand or explain behavior. Yes I put a fourth answer here as it is important to understand the whys and to explain the things that happen within a scientific experiment, will help benefit the knowledge base.

How do you understand behavior?

Behavior is complex just like the human mind. but if you want to understand behavior in a personal sense, then you need to be patient and you have to find out what personality he/she has and then you adjust yourself to it. Keep observing... the more you'll understand.

Why Understanding human behavior is important?

All of us are members of human society and we have to deal with our fellow humans, and to do so successfully we need to understand human behavior. However, if you were to find some remote cave that nobody ever visits, and live there in isolation from the rest of the human race, then it would not be necessary for you to understand human behavior.

Why is the study of perception important in the study of management in organizational behavior?

perception influence behavior and behavior influence decision making which is important in organization decision, how to decide what to choose.

Why is consumer behavior an important course in business education?

We have learned based on definition that consumer behavior attempts to understand consumer wants and their decision making. Which is a very necessary in an organization. If we know the behavior of the consumer regarding their wants then it is a big advantage on our part as a marketer. It will be easy for us to identify and recognizes what to sale and what not to. With this, Consumer behavior is indeed an important course in business education.