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all of the above

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Q: Why is it important to promote equal opportunities for elderly people in a care home?
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Why is it important to promote equal opportunities in health and social care environment?

It is important because we should all be caring people and never discriminate against people with different race, sex, colour or religion.

Why do you think it's important to promote equal opportunities for the people you are supporting?

india is a democratic country democracy is based in the principal of equality .so one constitution makers include equality as the prime concern

What is the most important factor to consider when planning meals for elderly people?


Why is welfares important?

For the stabilization of our society For the benefits of our people promote prosperity

Why is it important for the elderly to take flu shot?

It is because people's immunity system weakens with age, so the elderly can catch flus easily.

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To make church people feel good? To show the community that we are relevant? To find opportunities for evangelism? To promote our Church?

Why do states hold many important powers?

To rule the people and promote orders

What has the author Carole R Shifman written?

Carole R. Shifman has written: 'Increasing housing opportunities for the elderly' -- subject(s): Dwellings, Older people

Why do elderly people sleep much more?

Generally elderly people sleep less.

What do elderly people care about?

Elderly people care about being comfortable in their own environment

How do you promote health MLMs?

To promote health related MLM's, or multi-level marketing companies, it is important to make business cards, spread information by word of mouth, and reach out to people. Hiring people to work under you to promote the business can work as well.

Breathing rate for elderly?

what is the resperation rate for elderly people?

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