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Q: Why is it important to maintain good water quality?
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What is the difference between water quantity and water quality?

Water quantity refers to the amount of water available, while water quality refers to the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of water. Water quantity focuses on the availability and distribution of water resources, while water quality focuses on the suitability of water for specific uses and its health impacts. Both quantity and quality are important aspects of managing water resources sustainably.

Is there any store in San Francisco that sells good quality mature toy cleaner?

To maintain a good hygiene it's very important to clean your toys before and after uses. In San Francisco, there is an online store that sells good quality toy cleaner. Visit at

What Do Feather Dusters Eat?

Feather dusters are filter feeders that mainly consume plankton and organic particles from the water. They use their feathery appendages to trap and collect tiny food particles drifting in the water. It’s important to maintain good water quality in their environment to ensure they have enough food to eat.

How does quality management impact organizational performance?

Quality management is essential for superior performance. the customer needs to be given a product of consistent superior quality as good or better than its substitutes. Quality control is very important as a business might start out well but if it does not have controls in place to effectively maintain quality, it would lose customers to competitors. It is important to consider the quality-price tradeoff, sometimes significant improvements in quality may not be a good idea if they raise price too much

What is the quality of water in davao city?

The quality of water in Davao city is good.

Why is primary code of software not shifting from producing good quality software to good quality maintain software?

That depends on the type of software, but I use C++.

How to keep baitfish alive?

If you can sustain a good healthy water quality environment in your bait tanks and livewells. Keeping bait alive, energetic and healthy is easy any time of the year even in the summer. But, If you can't maintain good water quality continuously, be assured that your bait will be sickly and die and you will be buying more.

Why is the high concerntration of oxygen in water important important to prove the quality of water?

A high concentration of dissolved oxygen in water is important because it supports aquatic life and indicates good water quality. Many aquatic organisms, like fish and invertebrates, require oxygen to survive. Therefore, measuring the level of dissolved oxygen in water helps to assess its ability to support healthy aquatic ecosystems.

What is the most important quality of a good government?

Good citizen representation.

Why is quality control important?

quality control is very important in organisation. it help manager control their quality of good and service base on standard to satify their customer.

What is a good quality underwater digital camera?

One of the better cameras for under water is the Kodak. It has good outside of water Quality and has a great zoom.

Why ground water important to human life?

Because ground water is a great source of good quality water used for drinking and irrigation worldwide. It is the future source of a clean water supply for future generations of people.