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So that you can get appropriate help for the person before they attempt the act ! However - some people exhibit no outward signs before attempting suicide (and I speak from experience !)

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Q: Why is it important to know and recognize warning signs of suicide?
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Why would it be important to recognize symptoms or warning signs?


Why it is important to recognize the warning signs of suicide?

This is important because no one wants to lose anyone close. We don't want others to feel alone or have any negative thoughts building up. It's good to recognize warning signs because then you are able to possibly prevent things from getting any worse.

What are signs to teen suicide?

The website below lists warning signs. Take any threats seriously.

What is one of the warning signs of a suicide bomber?

A bulky vest on a warm day

What warning signs for suicide did Tim demonstrate?

All the above

What is suicide warning signs?

When people are depressed and when they don't like life anymore and (or) their life anymore

Was there any warning before the eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79?

If there were warning signs, the Romans did not recognize them as such. A volcano had never erupted near them or in their lifetime before.

What are the warning signs for suicide?

Warning signs of suicide include, but are not limited to talking about wanting to die, feeling hopeless, trapped or a burden, looking for possible way of killing oneself, showing extreme mood swings, increase of taking drugs or drinking alcohol. Help regarding suicide can be obtained at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

What are some warning signs of suicide?

Looking down from heights Depression If the person is spending too much time alone

What are some suicide warning signs?

Looking down from heights Depression If the person is spending too much time alone

What are the indirect warning signs of suicide?

depression speaking about suicide giving favorite things away after a depressive phase suddenly being very calm and seemingly at peace with him or herself

What warning signs are there before a drought happens?

there are no warning signs

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