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so you don't get fired or lowered to a new job

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Otherwise it's called lying and you're betraying the other person's trust. Simple.

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Q: Why is it important to give correct information as an office clerk?
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What is the difference between clerk and archives clerk?

File clerks file documents to the correct files. Records clerk manage the storage, and dispostion of the files.

Why should information be transmitted promptly and efficiently for office clerk?

So you won’t be scolded or fired by your boss for not giving him/she the correct information about a meeting or his appointments. Not listing to the caller properly or giving the information they have asked for can course the organization to lose customers.

How can I know the date my wife's change of name was published ?

Your local county clerk's office should have this information.

How can you see what is in a petition filed with the clerk of court?

Go to the Clerk's office, give the Clerk information to identify the file and ask to see or get a copy of the petition. Papers filed in a court clerk's office are open to the public even if you are not a party to the case. That's how the media gets all the juicy details in celebrity divorce cases.

What is the annual salary for Mayor of River Rouge MI?

I don't know the answer, but the information is available from the City Clerk's office.

What does an office clerk do?

office work and etc.,

Where is the best place to find information about the tax office?

The best place to find information about the tax office is the government website,or you can call your local city clerk or tax collector.Or you can contact your country's Revenue Agency for more information.

How do you correct eviction on tenant screening report?

This depends on if the information is correct. If it's not correct you need to determine how it got there. If someone has been using your name, or if the person is your namesake, you need to fill out an affidavit at the Clerk's Office which states you are not the person who was sued. If the report is part of a credit report which was obtained then you need to dispute the entry with that credit bureau.

Is clerk a municipal job?

A clerk is a person who does general office and administration tasks in an office or bank. It can be a municipal job.

How do you find out if you have a bench warrant in bexar county tx?

There are no public websites that indicate that information. Call the Clerk of COurt office and ask.

What county office assists the courts?

The office of; 'The Clerk Of The Court'

How do you find information concerning a judgment that was entered against you?

Contact the office of the clerk of the court where the judgment was entered. If you do not know the specific court then contact the circuit court clerk's office. Or you can do a search of public records, however such sites are generally three months or more behind in posting judgment awards and other public judicial information.