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There are a variety of both medical and legal consequences, to the failure of a patient to show up for an appointment. In some cases, the patient is charged anyway, on the principle that the doctor reserved that time, which could have been given to someone else. The patient may have really needed that appointment and may become ill or even die as a result of lack of treatment, and the doctor may need to show that it was the patient who was negligent, not the doctor. And if a patient has a record of not keeping appointments, you might stop making appointments for that patient. You could even get a patient who complains about how hard it is to see the doctor, even though it is the patient who has failed to show up for an appointment and who needs to understand that it takes two to tango.

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Q: Why is it important to document a no show in the appointment book and in the patient chart?
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An authorization form signed by the patient.

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It is fraud to chart on a patient you did not provide care for. She must chart for the 3 hours she was responsible for the patient but not for the 9 that she wasn't at the facility.

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The patient's medical record /medical chart is likely the most important aspect in a court case that involves a patient. If a medical or nursing action isn't documented, it never occurred--legally speaking. If physician or nursing notes do not support what a nurse or doctor says, they have no proof of what was or wasn't ordered, done, said, instructed, or patient's verbal or physical response(s). So document, document. If you don't document, it never happened.However, omissions that only serve the provider are also suspect! If a nurse fails to document a medication, for example, there are other records (such as billing) that can confirm what med the nurse took to administer. So don't try to cover up your mistakes either.

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