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It helps the residents feel independent and in control of their lives

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Q: Why is it important to allow residents to care for themselves as much?
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Why is it important to take care of a baby?

Because they're incapable of taking care of themselves ! They lack the mental capacity to recognise danger, or fend for themselves !

What is most important in the aftercare of a recovering leprosy patient?

Comprehensive care involves teaching patients to care for themselves.

How do lions care for themselves?

They care about themselves, then their family.

What does honesty mean in a care home?

honesty means you have to be honest to the residents in the care home.

What type of care is given in an intermediate care facility?

Residents in intermediate care facilities receive some nursing care and assistance with persona needs. In general, residents will receive less intensive care than they would receive in a hospital or with a skilled nursing staff.

What services are expected from continuing care retirement communities?

Continuing care retirement communities are expected to provide care for residents as they need it and an emergency chord and necklace so that residents who are more independent can summon help if needed

Can you get emanstipated from your father if your 13 and live in Victoria Australia?

It is doubtful that the court will allow a 13 year old be emancipated. The requirements require that the minor be able to support themselves and have the ability to take care of themselves. If there are safety concerns, they might place the child in foster care.

Why is it important for child care providers to be child advocates?

It is important for child care providers to be child advocates because children are unable to speak for themselves. Child care providers need to act as the voice of the children to ensure that each child is getting the best quality care possible.

What is teen age emancipation?

It is a court order that allows a teenager to be responsible for themselves. It typically requires the child to support themselves and be able to take care of their affairs. About 2/3rds of the states allow emancipation.

Important of home nursing?

hi, To provide a continuum of care. To provide proper help for acute care cases, Or to provide the old people with assistance who doesn't care for themselves.

Can a underage child legally disown their parents?

Yes -- it's called "emancipation" some states and countries allow it for those over a certain age that can provide for themselves and are smart enough to take care of themselves.

If you cook in a care home are the residents internal or external customers?