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They are scary

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Q: Why is it hard to stand up to a powerful person?
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Why is it hard to stand up to powerful people?

it is hard because it may be a bad idea like if you were talking to the king and you smart off then you have asked for death to come.

Tis hard for a empty bag to stand up straight?

It means that without their values and morals, a person will just "collapse". They need those things to stand upright

Why is Rosa park is powerful?

She was powerful because she was one of the first women to be famous and stand up for them selves.

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What is the song just stand up about?

Just stand up is about standing up to cancer, and fighting your way through all the hard times.

Why do red pandas stand up?

Hard to say.

What is meant by saying a person is hard up?

"Hard up" means tough or hardy.

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Is it hard to be a stand up comedian?

To be a good one - yes, that's hard. Takes both talent and plenty of work.

Why is hard wood used for benches?

It lasts longer and will stand up to weather when outdoors.

Is it hard to stand up to friends?

Yes cause you wouldn't want to hurt their feelings

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static electricity.