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Because alot will probably get you in trouble.

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Q: Why is it bad to have lots of friends?
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Is it bad to have 7 friends?

It is certainly not bad to have 7 friends. Having lots of friends is very good so don't worry about it.

Do all girls fight with there friends?

lots of girls have fights so dont feel bad

What are some good and bad things about MySpace?

Well there are lots of good and bad thing about myspace. For example one good thing is that you ca communicate with your friends and family , but the bad thing is that people can add you as a friend and you don't know them.See there are lots of good and bad things about myspace. :)

What is bad for you?

Lots and lots and lots and lots of things are bad for you. Sugary foods are bad for you. Hurting yourself is bad for you. I don't have enough room on this page to write down all the things that are bad for you. Thinking too much is bad for you..

How do you get lots of friends on MySpace?

You can get lots of friends by adding layout people, bands, artists or just random people off of your friends

Who are Caitlin beadles friends?

There are lots and lots of friends, but her bestfriends are Payton and Ashley and Olivia and Jasmine and Ariel!

How do you deal with bad friends?

tell them straight up that they are bad friends

How do you get smarter at maths when your bad at it?

A: do lots of practice, try solving some problems ___________________________________________________________________________ A: ask ur teacher/parents 4 help. study lots! ask ur friends 2 dumb it down 4 u!

Does lady gaga have lots of friends?


Does Cheryl Cole have lots of friends that are not celebrities?

Yes she has friends that are not celebrities.

How many friends has Degas got?

Lots and lots - all the impressionists and family, ...

How you can get 3 star in miniclip?

Play lots of games, make lots of friends, earn lots of awards, and win lots of challenges.