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It isn't. That is why it is important to become as educated as possible. Blind belief is a form of slavery. Free your mind and remain free.

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Q: Why is it a good thing to believe blindly?
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Should you help people of other religions?

of course. Just because they don't blindly believe the same thing than you doesn't mean you cant help them.

What are good things to believe in?

a good thing to believe in is to believe in your self. good deeds always happen when you believe in your self!!!!

Is it not the most delightful thing to blindly force religion onto your children as your parents did to you?


Is ku klux klan a good thing or bad thing?

Personally, I believe that is a not a good thing, because they treated black people like they were props and not human beings.

Is the number 43 a curse?

There is no such thing as "curses" - or more precisely, there is no good reason to believe that such a thing as a curse is real.

Do the Europeans believe in God and maigc is good?

No group, (Europeans Buddhists or bald men) all thing or believe the same thing on an individual basis. Some might believe in "magic". others that they are Napoleon reincarnated. Nobody care. Belief is not proof.

Is going to church a good thing?

Of course i can't believe you even asked this question

Why does George believe that being a solo rancher is not a good thing?

Because maybe being a solo rancher is not a good thing because of the risk you can take or could happen .

Is Paganism a bad thing?

A:Paganism is no more a bad thing than, say, Christianity, Judaism or Islam. If we believe that religion can be a force for good, and if we believe in freedom of religion, then we are obliged to withhold judgement on paganism and accept that it too can be a force for good.

Is clonning a good thing or a bad thing?

I believe that it's a bad thing l wouldn't want there to be another me because that would be torture for people haha:)

Why is religious studies so important to Jews?

Judaism is based on the idea of informed consent. Jews are expected to understand why they believe and do what they do, not following blindly.

Is there such thing as magical wizards with magic wands?

Actually there is such thing as magic. It's called Wicca. So if you don't believe in it good for you but it is real.