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Q: Why is important to be hygienic?
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Why is it important to control possum populations?

It is very important. if not checked, slums can develop and there will be many diseases. Hygienic

Why it is important to keep equipment in an office hygienic and what the appropriate standards are?

so you dont get a disease and die!

Why is it important to work in a safe and hygienic way?

One good reason is to prevent foodborne illness.

Why it is important to keep work areas clean and tidy?

It is important to keep hygienic the place and good reputation to staff and customer. It is daily routine basis.

What is are the 4 hygienic rules?

th e four hygienic rules are

What hygienic practices should boys do to their reproductive organ?

can someone answer this PLEASE?? :( this is really important for my science IW (individual ork)

When was Overton Hygienic Building created?

Overton Hygienic Building was created in 1922.

Why is it important to keep office equipment clean and hygienic?

it is important so that all equipment is clean so that the next user comes to a machine that is clean and free from debry

What is the prefix of hygienic?

what are prefixe of hygiene

Why is food hygiene vitally important when preparing sushi?

Food hygiene was very important in making sushi. Raw ingredients had to be prepared fresh, so gloves and other hygienic supplies were needed.

Is drying your hands on the tea towel that is used to polish cutlery very hygienic?

No its not at all hygienic, it carries germs.

What are the characteristics of hygienic individual?

healthy :)