Why is health education important?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Health education is very important for human beings because it makes us aware of the status of our health.It lets us to know that what is dangerous for our health and what is essential for our health.

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It is important because if we didn't learn about health most likely, almost everybody would have health issues. They could gain a lot of weight, die from poor sanitation, and have lots of STDs. Most issues would probably turn very severe. So it is extremely important!

Health education is very important in terms of a cost effective way of improving health of our population, the health service is moving from a curative to a preventative service and health education, which forms part of health promotion is an integral part of this. There are three aspects to health education these are: cognitive (addressing attitudes) affective (improving knowledge) and skills. Health promotion now forms an integral part of a GP's workload through the new contract (Quality and outcomes framework) incorporation of health promoting and preventative services on a points system based on which they can earn money.

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Q: Why is health education important?
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Why is health physical education and recreation important for everyone?

it will make my health.

What is the goal of health education?

I believe that physical educations and health education are very important and they they should go side by side.they are both important because our health and life depends on both. "our next breath depends on the two important subjects."health education enhances our healthy living habits and allows us to live a healthy and balanced life.

How might monitoring risk your health n teens?

Why health education important

What’s the importance of health education?

Health education is important because it gives people the information needed to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.

How is physical education important?

physical education is important to our health and this is also important to the players like me and lovely ...... this answer from babes ann and lovely agraviador

What are the aims of physical and health education in Athens and Sparta?

physical and health is really important to Sparta but health an education is important to Athens cause they are in to democracy and Spartans are sporty an well built an the like to have strong baby or they will kill them

What are those 10 agencies promoting health education in Nigeria?

Health education in Nigeria is promoted by Community Based Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, the World Health Organization, and the Ministries of Health, Environment, Education, and Agriculture. Schools the African Regional Health Education Center, and universities are also important in promoting public health.

One reason early childhood education centers have become increasingly important providers of health education is that?


Did Barack Obama say education is more important than health?

no he says health always comes first

Education and health which is more important?

The most important thing in life is our health. Because for no money it is not possible to buy it. It is very sad that in the pursuit of good grades, children do not sleep at night and are very nervous. It is not right!

How is health and education important for the development of the nation?

Health and Education is important for the development of the Nation such that first, Health is the state of being of the people making up the nation. If they are healthy then the nation is healthy and will be able to do work to uplift the economy and develop the country. Second, Education enables the people of the nation to gain knowledge and skills to be able to do the job, make or construct infrastructure, put food on the table, think of innovative ideas to uplift the economy of the nation and ultimately gain the needed things to develop the nation.

Which is more important health or education?

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