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Families share common genes. environment, and life style etc. This means it is likely similar medical conditions might prevail in the entire family that were once associated to the grand parents or great great grand parents etc.

Medical History is important because of the following reasons:

1.Family history can assess the probability of risk that a particular member of the family might be suffering from a certain disease/disorder because his/her parents might have it.

2.Based on the past information, physicians can actually recommend solutions or safety measures to the family members so that something much dangerous can be prevented.

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Q: Why is family medical history important?
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Why is the medical history of any heart attacks in a family important?

Heart attacks are caused by a combination of genetic predisposition and lifestyle; the medical history of the family provides important clues about genetic predispositions that you may have inherited.

What does the phrase your history mean?

"Your history" can mean:your personal and family history, like when you were born; parents' names; where you grew up; etc.your family medical history - diseases and conditions people in your family have or hadyour personal medical history - diseases and conditions YOU had or have regardless of your family medical history

What is the medical abbreviation meaning family history?

FH means family history, although it's often included in the phrase "family/social history" or FSH.

Family member from which a family's medical history is established?


Is Family history is noncontributory acceptable for CMS?

Yes, "Family history is noncontributory" is an acceptable statement for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) when referring to a patient's family medical history. It means that there are no significant or relevant medical conditions or diseases in the patient's family that could impact their current or future healthcare.

How might being aware of your medical family history help you?

By being aware of your families medical history, you can be aware of certain conditions that you may be predisposed of as you age. Another factor that being aware of your family medical history are hereditary defects in genes and chromosomes that could be passed on to your offspring.

What are the traditional diagnostic method?

Medical and family history and physical examination.

What is a genogram?

A genogram is a family tree diagram that presents detailed information about individuals and their relationships within a family system. It includes not only biological relationships but also emotional and social connections, as well as patterns of behavior and health issues that may run in the family. Genograms are often used in therapy, medicine, and social work to understand the dynamics and history of a family.

How do you use their family and community in a sentence?

Their family had a long history in the community.Community service was important to their family.

Who were important medical scientists in US history?

madame curry Padsture

What does the medical abbreviation mgm mean?

MGM in the family history means maternal grandmother.

What did griots do that was important to families?

they were the repositories or keepers of the family's history