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Your family will always be there for you, friends come and go.

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Q: Why is family better than friends?
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What is better friends or family?

Well who do you love more, your friends or your family. Personally I love my friends better, my family sucks.

Is your family better than your friends?

Better than your friends at what? Skiing? Cooking? Embarrassing you in front of other friends? Or do you mean better for you? Since no one but you knows your family and friends and the content of their character, we can't really answer with any certainty. But more often than not, your family -- particularly your folks -- will know what's good for you better than your friends, or even you, yourself. Your friends are pretty much interested in having a good time; your folks are interested in seeing that you grow up safe, mature, educated,well-mannered, and well-adjusted, with a good work ethic and respect for others. Your family are far more likely to place their needs second to your own. Few friends will do that when the going gets tough.

Is boyfriends better than friends?

no it is much better to have friends you shouldn't fall out with friends over a boy stick with your friends no matter what :)

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there friends

Is single parent household better than traditional family of strife?

Yes, a single-parent family is no better or worse than the traditional family.

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Is friendship better than blood relation?

it may seem that way because you think your bffs have your back, but friends come and go family stays forever

Why are friends better than pocket money?

friends are better than pocket money because a good friend will always be there to comfort you when you have or don't have money and friends will always be there for a lifetime but money just come and go.

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unfortunately there is no cure.. but treatment, medication and counselling. and friends and family that care about you

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