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Its not, but you can sure find out a lot about monkeys

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Q: Why is evolution important for understanding human anatomy and physiology?
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Why is understanding evolution necessary to understand human anatomy and physiology?

To grasp how the body has changed to reflect the new lifestyle of the human existence

What has the author Susannah Nelson Longenbaker written?

Susannah Nelson Longenbaker has written: 'Mader's understanding human anatomy & physiology' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Human anatomy, Human physiology 'Mader's understanding human anatomy & physiology' -- subject(s): Human anatomy, Human physiology

Why is it important for a health care professional to have a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology?

Without at least a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology, the health care professional will have a difficult time communicating effectively with other colleagues on the care team. In addition, it will be difficult to assimilate new information or make inferences.

What has the author Pearl Drego written?

Eldra Pearl Solomon has written: 'The world of biology' -- subject(s): Biology 'Introduction to human anatomy and physiology' -- subject(s): Human anatomy, Human physiology, Anatomy, Physiology 'Biology' -- subject(s): Biology 'Understanding human anatomy and physiology' -- subject(s): Human anatomy, Human physiology, Anatomy, Physiology

Organ physiology is to as gross anatomy is to?

Organ physiology is to cell physiology as gross anatomy is to microscopic anatomy

Why is ionization important?

Ions are not important in anatomy. They are, however, quite important in physiology.

How has anatomy and physiology developed?

Compare and contrast: anatomy,physiology, and pathophysiology

Can you give the Anatomy and physiology of abruptio placenta?

anatomy and physiology of abruptio placentae

Explain the anatomy and physiology of the healthy skin?

explain the anatomy and physiology healthy skin

How does mummification help us today?

so you will have a great respect to the ancient people for their their surgical skills and their understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Can you take basic human biology and human anatomy and physioloy at the same time?

Basic biology covers material which includes the basics of anatomy and physiology of cells as well as broader topics such as ecology and the evolution of life. You must have a good grasp of cellular biology to fully appreciate human anatomy and physiology because humans are composed of cells with varying functions.You can have a superficial course of human anatomy and physiology without understanding cellular biology, but that is somewhat getting ahead of yourself. If you REALLY want to understand, learn basic biology before human A&P.Source: Me, I'm in my third year of medical school.

How do you conclusion an essay of anatomy and physiology?

Conclusion for physiology