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because it Just is ( :

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Q: Why is dipyridamole on the beers list?
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What is the medication dipyridamole 25 mg used for?

Dipyridamole works by helping to prevent dangerous blood clots from forming.

Is beer vegan?

Some beers use animal products in their processing. For a list of vegan beers, click on the related link below -

Where can you find a list of beers that are suitable for vegans?

Click on the link below to take you to a blog that has listed which of the beers in the UK are suitable for vegans.

Can you sue for being given the wrong drug my mother was given the drug dipyridamole whilst taking warfarin dr told her she should not have been taking dipyridamole at all.?

No you cannot sue

What is an alternative to taking aspirin as a blood thinning agent?

Dipyridamole or Warfarin. Both only available on prescription.

What websites list the prices of Corona beer?

The websites that list the price of Corona beer are the Corona official company website and Beer Me. These two websites list prices of Corona beer and other beers.

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What is the birth name of Brittany Beers?

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What is the birth name of Carole Beers?

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How many beers are in a draft keg?

What size of beers are you pouring?

How many beers is slab?

24 beers in a slab