Why is cutting bad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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some people think it is but it really depends on how you look at it. If you are getting help it is still bad, but getting better. It can be a temporary solution in some cases it is just how some people deal with the stress and anger and whatever else is going on in their life. Yes, you shouldn't feel ashamed, it is just how you cope. If you can find a different way to cope use that if not try to tell someone and have them help you. Just don't give up someone does care. I guess its bad because people aren't used to that way of coping and it might scare them. But its not entirely bad.

ABSOLUTELY. Cutting achieves nothing. Some say that cutting is a "temporary solution." I disagree. Cutting is just you showing yourself that you give up on yourself. Cutting leads to more forms of mutilation and sometimes even suicide. If you find yourself cutting, don't feel ashamed; the past is the past, but you should find help to change your future.

-You clearly don't understand cutting very well. It does not show at all "that you give up on yourself" and it is actually a very effective way of coping with stress, even animals do it. The main reason it's bad is because is because it carries the risk of infection and cutting so deep you don't stop bleeding. The main reason society thinks it's bad is because they are ignorant about it, and think of it as a taboo sort of thing. It is also bad because for a person to use it it shows they are under significant stress or emotional pain. A common misconcenption is that cutting is a mental health problem. It is not at all, however it is often a sign of one. I think society needs to change its view on self harm so self harmers do not feel so ashamed about it and feel the need to hide it as much. I hid it for years because I was so ashamed of myself. If I had told someone earlier it would have saved me years of pain and I wouldn't have hundreds of dirty scars on me for the rest of my life.

Cutting is definitely not a good idea. It desensitizes you to hurting yourself. Which in turn can desensitize you to hurting others. There are also many verses in The Bible against cutting. Leviticus 19:28 for example.

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Q: Why is cutting bad?
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