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Q: Why is clean water important to your family and to the econamy of your city?
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How long does it take to clean water?

It is important who will try to clean it

Why should keeping water clean be an important priority?

Keeping water clean is essential for human health, ecosystems, and a sustainable future. Clean water is necessary for drinking, agriculture, and industry, and the pollution of water sources can lead to widespread health issues and environmental degradation. Protecting water quality ensures that our ecosystems can thrive and that future generations will have access to this vital resource.

When dealing with infectious disease is it important to clean all areas with hot water and soap?

It is always important to keep things clean with hot water and soap.

Why is it important to clean conserve and protect water?

Cleaning, conserving, and protecting water is important to ensure access to safe drinking water, maintain ecosystem health, and support various human activities such as agriculture and industry. Water is a finite resource that is crucial for all forms of life, and by taking care of it, we can safeguard the well-being of both the environment and society.

Why is water important for hygiene?

water is important for hygiene because when you need either a bath or shower you always have water to clean yourself.

Why water conservation and controlling water pollution is important?

It is important to conserve water because there isn't enough clean water for everyone in the world. If we turn of our water faucets when there not being used and take shorter showers etc. it can help conserve our clean water

Why clean water important?

if it is not clean there are parasites in it and when you ingest these they cause ailments and various diseases. this is why in poor countries with no clean drinking water more people die of disease.

Why is water important in food service?

wash, cook, clean

What happens if you waste clean water?

Clean water is very important. If we waste clean water, we are going to use dirty water for the next few centuries. Imagine yourself washing your hands with muddy, filthy water... YUCK!

Why is it important to keep a good clean water supply?

First and foremost we need clean water to stay healthy, to clean and flush out toxins and to generally live. Secondly, keeping water clean allows not only humans to survive but plants and animals also thrive on clean water.

What happens when there is no clean water?

Without clean water, people can suffer from dehydration, illness, and disease. Lack of access to clean water can lead to a range of health issues, impacting both individuals and communities. It is essential for basic hygiene, sanitation, and overall well-being.

Why it is important to make sure that swimming pool water is clean give rasons?

If its not clean people might get sick.