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When Martial Arts was first developed, people would start out with white belts. As they would train, their belts would become dirtier and dirtier, and they would not wash them. They only became a black belt when their belt was so dirty that it was literally black.

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Q: Why is black belt the highest rank?
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What is the highest rank in martialarts?

The black belt is the highest rank in martial arts.

What does a karate costume look like?

it is white and you wear a belt the colors vary depending on your rank the highest is a black belt.

What is the highest rank that can be achieved in the martial arts?

A martial art's master may rank up to a 10th degree black belt.

Is the black belt the highest achievement in karate?

Each style of karate sets its own rules and promotions. In some styles, dark blue is the highest rank. A style could set the brown belt as the highest, but most use the black belt. In traditional karate, the highest possible belt is red.

What is a black belt?

The black belt is given to the person who has achieved the highest rank in MMA Fighting. In most martial arts systems, a black belt signifies someone who has learned a certain amount of curriculum over a period of time (usually 4 years or more) and can perform the material in a satisfactory manner as part of a physically and mentally demanding black belt.

What is your current ninja rank?

Black Belt

Which is high level belt in karatae?

The highest level belt in Karate the third Black Belt. There are three types of black belt. The highest one is the third level.

Which is the karate belt of Bruce Lee?

He didn't formally study Karate. Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun a close in form of Kung Fu. He learned many skills from martial artists of all styles and incorporated them into his art.

What is higher a blue belt or a purple belt?

The purple belt is higher in rank than the blue belt, but of course some schools don't have a purple belt, so there you advance straight from blue to red. Just as a key of advice for differing between belt ranks the darker the belt most likely the higher the rank. That depends on the school and style in question. My style does not have purple or blue belts. In some schools, blue is the highest rank (instead of black).

What does kyu mean in judo?

Kyu is a student rank. Any rank below a black belt.

What rank is Ryan O'Hara in Tae Kwon Do?

Black Belt

What is the highest dan in Tae Kwon Do?

There are 10 dans or black belt levels in Taekwondo. There are a few people who hold the rank of 9th dan, but being promoted to 10th dan is nearly unheard of, at least in modern time.