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Why is important? Let me ask you something:

How would you to feel to wake-up with lots of energy every day? How would you feel to grow older and still do the activities you love to do? How would you feel to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy about your body? How would you feel to live happily without worrying about medical bills in the future?

If the answer to those questions, is something positive like “great”- then that’s why it’s important! :)

Unfortunately we live in a society where so many people today don’t do too well to take care of their health. More than one-third of Americans are obese just to give you an example, costing the US over $147 billion/year in medical expenses.

Your body is our own temple! Love it and take good care of it! You deserve it! feel free to contact me for healthy life style plans and guidance.

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To reduce medical problems later in life.

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B/c if you are not healthy you won't be able to pay attention. Then you won't get good grades. The rest of your life will also suffer because you are not getting the education that you need. Try some fruits or 100 calorie packs for snack rather than say, chocolate!

Dark Chocolate in small amounts is good for you.

Schools try to educate people in every possible way, that's why they try to educate kids and through kids even their parents how important is to eat healthy food and take healthy drinks. You can say they save you the trouble of getting ill and then start looking around how to get better

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B. To reduce medical problems later in life.


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Q: Why is a healthy lifestyle important in school?
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You eat healthy and play a school sport

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it is important and it is a good habit

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It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will ensure that the body functions properly and you will not have frequent health problems.

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The best role to make a healthy lifestyle campaign successful would be leading by example. During the campaign and before make sure to eat right, exercise and educate others on the dangers of being overweight. It is also important to show self confidence and just explain how important a healthy lifestyle is.

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Diet and exercise are key to a healthy lifestyle. Taking a baby aspirin a day will also help to keep the heart healthy. Cardio exercises are also very important to heart health.

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living a healthy lifestyle... living a healthy lifestyle...

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List 10 benefits to having a healthy lifestyle.

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