Why is Yoshi so cute?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because he is a dinosaur from the world's best video game!! :) I ♥ yoshi!

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Q: Why is Yoshi so cute?
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Why does Yoshi have a big nose?

So he would be more attractive and cute.

Is Yoshi cute?


When did Yoshi get created?

well Yoshi was made in 1991.Right now in 2010 Yoshi is 19 years old.I love Yoshi he is so awesome I wish he was real.If he was i would want to take care of one cause he so awesome and cute!

How cute is Yoshi?

The answer to this question would be an opinion, not a fact. Therefore, it depends on the way you view Yoshi. Although there is no definite answer, we are able to make an assumption by acknowledging that there are a sizable number of 'fans' of Yoshi, he is indeed, cute.

What character out of Mario is the best?

I think there all cute mostly toad or Yoshi SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!

Yoshi is 14 years old but why is he cute?

He can live to be extremely old so his physical appearance doesn't change fast.

How does Yoshi make people love him so much?

== == He is attractive, I believe, because he usually does cute stances, he smiles a lot, and his nose is big.

Who is your favorite character off of Mario Kart?

Mine is Yoshi as he is cute what is yours?

Is Yoshi the cutest of all in the Mario Kart?

Yoshi could be the cutest but there are a lot of cute players such as the baby Mario bro and the baby princesses or the toads

Who is Yoshi from Mario?

Yoshi is a character from the same Universe as Mario (and originally got introduced in a Mario game) but many games just centered around Yoshi are around. I might not be correct though.

What does the name Yoshi mean?

Yoshi is the indirect Japanese word for "YES", which supports his happy go lucky spirit. In Japan, you can say "yoshi" as yes, but it will be considered bad grammar.

Is Yoshi that strong?

It depends on how you play the game. So you decide. Is Yoshi tough or weak?