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it protects platelets

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Q: Why is Sodium citrate the anticoagulant of choice for coagulation studies?
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What is the sequestering agent in anticoagulant sodium citrate solution?

Citrate chelates calcium, which is a necessary cofactor for several coagulation cascade enzymes.

What compound of citrate is preferred to as an anticoagulant?

Sodium citrate

What is sodium citrate used in?

Hi Torquemada. Could you please tell me how much sodium citrate is added per ml of blood? Thanks.

What anticoagulant prevents coagulation of blood by removing calcium through the formation of insoluble calcium salt?

Sodium cirate, EDTA, Oxalate

What type of bond is sodium citrate?

sodium citrate bond

Can you use trisodium citrate insteade of sodium citrate 2 hydrate?

yes you can use either trisodium citrate or sodium citrate

Is sodium citrate an electrolyte?

No it's not caustic. In fact the pH is about 7

What are the therapeutic uses of sodium citrate?

It is used to prevent platelet clumping in blood samples. (Monosodium Citrate) Antioxidant and it alleviates discomfort suffering from Urinary tract Infection. (Disodium Citrate) The most uses out of them all however is Trisodium citrate. Which is an anticoagulant in blood transfusions, that is still used. Its an osmotic laxitive too. Also in small quantities it can help physical performances.

Is the source of sodium citrate natural?

Yes, the source of sodium citrate is natural. Sodium citrate occurs naturally in citrus fruits such as pineapples, lemons and oranges.

What is the dfference between sodium citrate and sodium citrate dihydrate?

two water molecules

When citric acid react with sodium hydroxide what is the product?

Citric acid and sodium hydroxide combined makes sodium citrate.

What is Procedure of assay test of sodium acid citrate?

assay test of sodium acid citrate