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Infants to Adults, dragging by the arms

Dragging a human body is often done by pulling a person by the hand, wrist, or arm. This is the worse kind of dragging because the weight of the body while another person drags them creates enough force to damage the rotatator cuff inside the shoulder, or to dislocate the shoulder altogether. Both types of injury are very painful, require surgery, long recovery, and a long course of physical therapy.

In addition, major blood vessels go through the shoulder and into the arm (such as the brachial artery). With enough force, a dragging incident can impinge (pinch or impede) blood flow into the arm. If untreated by surgery, the arm can die requiring amputation.

Infants and children, dragging by the feet or legs

Just as a shoulder can dislocate, dragging an infant or child can dislocate one or both hips. This requires surgery, hip to toe cast, a long recovery, and physical therapy to re-learn to walk

Children, Teens, or Adults, dragged by a vehicle

Numerous injuries happen every year when a person is dragged behind a tractor, three-wheeler, or even by a 2-wheel bike. With added G-forces, it becomes a bigger risk that the person's head, neck, back and all limbs will be injured from being bounced against the ground.

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Q: Why individuals should not be dragged?
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