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No one can say why you have started to constantly think about someone after 25 years. However, you can figure it out. Every time you think of this person, jot down a few words about what you are thinking. Your list can be as long as it needs to be. After a week of doing this, go through the list and circle similar things. Go through the list again and put a rectangle around other similar items. Continue, using different colored pens or ways to mark "alike items". After marking them all, prioritize them-- 1 most important to 5 for least important. The top 3 "most important" are your reasons. However--it may not be about that person, but what the person represents to you.

Here is an example list about an ex-boyfriend:

  • my first kiss
  • eating Pizza before going to the movies
  • he had a motorcycle
  • he always did what he pleased
  • self-motivated
  • handsome
  • humorous
  • the smell of leather
  • he never wore a helmet when he rode his motorcycle
  • trip to New York City
  • he had a slight beard- scratchy
  • he lied a lot
  • I hated his friends
  • he loved my sun dress
  • he took off to explore frequently
  • we loved camping together
  • he had a nice smile

So in my fictitious list, let's say my #1 most important items had to do with exploring, taking off, doing what he pleased, reckless (no helmet), etc. Maybe in my life, I'm longing for more freedom, to be a little 'reckless' in my own life. You may need to really think about what your list "tells" you about yourself.

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Q: Why have you started constantly thinking about someone after 25 years?
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