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not sure if this helps, but my moter quit smoking 3 yrs ago and after a while she eventually got her sense of taste back so im sure that you will to.

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Q: Why have you lost your sense of taste and smell since quitting smoking 5 weeks ago?
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Can you lose your sense of smell from smoking too much weed?

There is limited research on the direct impact of smoking weed on the sense of smell. However, chronic smoking can affect the olfactory system, potentially resulting in decreased sense of smell. It is always advisable to moderate use and consider alternative consumption methods such as vaping or edibles.

How do you improve your sense of smell?

Good oral hygiene and no smoking.

How do you improve sense of smell?

Good oral hygiene and no smoking.

Does quitting smoking affect teeth?

Yes, especially if you smoke regularly, you will have nicotine stains on your teeth and your breath will smell.

What are some side effects of smoking marijuana through your nose?

lose sense of smell

Can the thing from fantastic four smell?

If you mean sense of smell, yes since he has a nose. If you mean smell bad-no since his skin is not porous.

Why does it smell sweet when you inhale?

Some medications can cause this. Also, any hormonal change such as the onset of puberty, pregnancy, menopause or hormonal therapy can cause all sorts of sensory weirdness. Another possible cause is quitting smoking, which heightens your sense of smell and taste. Another cause is cinnamon toast coupled with a lack of wiping your upper lip.

The nose knows smell but how about taste?

If you lose your sense of smell your sense of taste generally goes with it, since the two senses are closely linked.

What is one reason why whale may have lost their sense of smell?

Whales don't have a sense of smell because who can smell in water? They have Echo Location to help them navigate under water

What is the terible after taste you are experiencing since quitting smoking?

That's your mouth. You haven't tasted it in a long time because of the smoke. Brush your teeth more often, keep some mints with you. You're just so used to the smoke smell / taste that you forgot what YOU taste like. (Smoker - ex smoker - smoker again. :(

What are the olfaction sense?

it refers to the sense of smell

Since sharks have a highly developed sense of smell can something that stinks really bad be used as a shark repellent?

it depends on the smell. they like the smell of some things that we think smell bad.