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constantly. Its probably just intergestion, but if you are really worried about it and you cant stand it any more i recommend that you go see your local doctor or if its that bad go to the hospital.

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Q: Why have you felt like your stomach wants to explode?
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What is a bloated stomach?

When you are very full and have to much gas in your stomach. Almost like your about to explode.

Is it true that if you eat a Minto than drink some Pepsi your stomach will explode?

Not really, but if you eat like 5 or 6 mintos, then drink a full can of pepsi, then your stomach will probably explode

If i ate mentos and drank coke would I explode Or like get a really bad stomach ache?

Drinking coke and eating mentos might give you a stomach ache, but it certainly wouldn't make you explode.

Once you really had to pee and made it just in time to a bathroom you felt like you were going to explode could you?

But the answer is no.

What is the pain in the pit of your stomach when your around someone you like?

Pain? I've never felt pain... but the butterflies? Oh, I've felt those... ;)

What does a boy mean when he says he felt real good?

It means he like you or something like if he kisses you and after he says that felt real good it means he wants to do it again.

You climbed up on a table and did the same exercise core did the only place you felt anything was in your glutes and your stomach felt like it was about to pop?

Yes. Yes.

Why does nicorette burn your throat?

I felt like vomiting after taking nicorette lozenges. I felt sick and my stomach start burning !!!!! DONT YOU EVER TRY THIS PRODUCT

How do you use the word unleavened in a sentence?

His stomach felt heavy as if the argument lay there like unleavened bread

Why do mangos taste like mangos?

umm mangos tate like mangos because there mangos, i think well person mangos taste like mangos becuse they explode in your stomach with gas

How do you know the difference between anger and hurt?

Anger: has a sting face, seems like they are going to explode Hurt: feels betrayed, wants to cry

Is he felt as though a brick had dropped into his stomach a simile?

No. A smilie is using the word 'like' or 'as'. This would be a hyperbole. (an over exaggeration of something)