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Because he still loves her and because he never really has forgotten about her.

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Q: Why has he gone back to his ex- girlfriend?
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How do you get you ex boyfriend to go back out with you if he has a new girlfriend?

im sorry to say but get over hes gone

Does your ex want you back if he writes you on Facebook but has a girlfriend?

If they have a girlfriend they do not want you back.

How to Ex girlfriend back?


Should you get back together with your ex girlfriend?

I am a girl and i would NEVER get back with my ex.

How do you get your ex back do you got dumped by him and you ex is trying to get back with his girlfriend he had before you?

let him go

Is there a chance to win your ex girlfriend back?


How did you get your ex-girlfriend back?

Leave her alone.

How do you get your ex-girlfriend back if you and her ex are trying to get back with her?

If you are indeed keen on getting your ex girlfriend back, even if her ex boyfriend want her back, what you can do to make sure that he will choose you is make her see your best foot forward. Show her how better you are over her ex, how happy you can become if she decided to come back to you and how things will be better now.

Is Justin Bieber ex girlfriend what him back?

no she doesent

Why would someone miss his ex-girlfriend and want her back after breaking up with her?

because this preson still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend

What if your ex-girlfriend wants you back what should you do?

If you really want your ex girlfriend back, I would just talk her about your true feelings. It really depends on how long you have been apart.

How to get back with ex girlfriend?

You can call her and try to talk to her about getting back together.