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Although it cannot be fully explained, the Biology of males and females is slightly different, and causes different expression of and susceptibility to disease. In some cases, different examinations and therapies might need to be considered.

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Q: Why gender is relevant to health?
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How is the study of gender relevant to the study of religion?

In many religions there are specific beliefs about gender and their rights and roles. In this way the study of gender is relevant to the study of religion.

What gender is student?

Gender is not typically specified by default for a student. It is best to use gender-neutral language unless it is relevant to the context.

How gender of the health professional influence transference?

how can the gender of a health proffesional influence transference

Can health insurance base insurance premium on gender?

No, health insurance premia is not based on gender of the insured.

How would you locate relevant health and safety information for your tasks and what are the sources of expert assistance when help is needed?

You can locate relevant health and safety information from your health and safety representative.

How can gender affect a person's health?

Gender is a condition in which identify oneself either male or female Factors how gender affect Health: 1. Dependency 2. Paternalism 3.Lack of confidency

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What does the message tell you?

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What is Women's health?

Women's health is the effect of gender on disease and health that encompasses a broad range of biological and psychosocial issues

How does physical factor affect mental health?

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How does gender affect people's health?

Gender can affect people's health through fitting gender roles. These roles are not as healthy as other roles, however some people go into them due to peer pressure and influence. For example: a guy who parties and drinks a lot or a girl who sleeps around a lot is not good for either person's health.