Why female coworkers sabotage?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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so they can get attention? and maybe cuz they are on drugs?

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Q: Why female coworkers sabotage?
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What do you do with a husband who enjoys the company of his two female coworkers at his office place?


What are good gifts to give your female coworkers on Valentine's Day?

Maybe a yellow rose? They stand for friendship.

Name a job a man might get just to be surrounded by female coworkers?

Nurse/doctor, teacher , bartender, hairdresser, food server

What is a sentence for sabotage?

Examples :"During the war, the military captured several spies who were trying to sabotage defense plants.""Bill put salt in the fruit punch in an attempt to sabotage Bob's party."''The bombing was a spectacular act of sabotage.''

How do you sabotage?

you sabotage the information by giving the wrong information

What does sabatoge mean in German?

Sabatoge is not a word in German. If you mean sabotage thenthe verb "sabotage" translates into German as "sabotieren"the noun sabotage translates into German as Sabotage

How can you use sabotage in a sentence?

You can not sabotage my house. It is made of steel!

how to sabotage on amnogs us?

There is a little piece on the screen that says Sabotage

What is the verb form of the noun sabotage?

Sabotage is also a verb. For example "to sabotage something" is an action and therefore a verb.

Why would a female friend insist on picking up a male friend at the airport when you have coworkers who are willing to give you a ride?

Maybe they like each other.

How do you sabotage information?

you sabotage the information by giving the wrong information

What is a web of political spying and sabotage?

its a way to sabotage someone