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Because blood circulation is one of the primary ways through which the body regulates its temperature. For example, in cold conditions, blood is withdrawn from the periphery (hands, feet, arms, legs) to warm and protect the internal organs. In hot conditions, blood is dispersed to the periphery to dissipate excess heat into the external environment. Poor circulation compromises this process, leading to greater health risks from both cold and hot environments.

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Q: Why elderly individuals with poor circulation would have a greater risk of suffering heat exhaustion or heatstroke?
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Heatstroke - its suffering from heat exhaustion.

Explain why elderly individuals with poor circulation would have a greater risk of suffering heat exhaustion or heatstroke?

People with poor circulation have a higher incidence of heat exhaustion and heat stroke as their bodies have a harder time shedding heat through dermal vasodilation.

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You would be suffering from heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

What is the temperature at which brain damage begins to occurs in somebody suffering from heatstroke?

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What are some symptoms that one is suffering from heat exhaustion?

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muscle cramps

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