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They do but differently they can either tell you to get out of their life or they will start slow and if they dont ask you out take a chance you'll never know if you don't try

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Q: Why dont boys flirt as much as girls?
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How do boys waste so much money on girls?

they love and flirt with girl

Do guys flirt for fun?

The answer is YES!!! Boys love flirting as much as girls do.It gives them the thrill of a chase.

How come girls dont like you back?

They do but they just dont show it as much as boys do.

How do you understand a 7th grade boy?

Well... Boys are hard to understand by what I know.. I am not much older than you might be, and I dont even know much. Boys dont really understand girls and girls dont really understand guys.

How can you tell the difference between someone who likes you and someone who is a really big flirt and if they are just a flirt and you like them what should you do?

The difference between the guy actually liking you, and him being a flirt is simple. Does he flirt with other girls, stare at other girls? If hes a flirt, dont waste your time on him. He is probally a player and they are big jerks. Forget about him and move on, girls can do so much better then that and you can too Hope That helped

Why girl cheats?

girls are not cheated boys ... they are cheated themselves... they are move away from boys but they dont know how much the boys loved them... so they are cheated themselves...

Why do guys flirt so much?

To get girls they like.

Why do boys act like they dont know that girls love thm very much?

They dont want to return the love or are scared or shy

Why are girls used by boys?

Weird question...girls use boys as much as boys use girls...

Why do guys flirt so much with girls they don't like but not with the girls they do like?

That is a little complicated. The simple answer is that the guys flirt with the girls they don't like because they don't like them, that means that there's no way a guy and a girl tha he don't like stay together. Otherside, they don't flirt with girls they like because: 1. They are shy with girls they like (Believe me this happens) 2. They don'y flirt because they are afraid of the flirt go wrong. 3. They don't flirt because they are afraid of messing all up. 4. " " " " " " " that the flirt works and after, they choke the girl by staying with another one. I hope I was helpfull, believe me I'm a guy.

Are boys bretter than girls?

Boys are much smarter than girls

Do boys think about the same thing girls think when they around each other?

I dont think so because girls dont usually think too much about the sexual stuff like guys do