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If your mouth tastes like metal that is sometimes when a bolt of lightning is comin. no joke look it up

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That's most likely to be caused by a dental issue such as an underlying tooth infection. It's probably worth seeing a dentist.

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what does lactose fermenter smell like

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Q: Why does your skin smell like metal?
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Can you smell your skin?

Well yes but you can not smell your skin so you know what you smell like to other people. We all have a individual scent but can not smell it ourself.

Why does blood smell like metal?

We are made of are many kinds of metal's, what we do smell is iron in are blood system

What does lutetium smell like?

smells like metal

What is the smell of iron?

The smell of iron is actually the body odor from the skin making contact with the metal. The chemical compounds in the skin create a musky odor that is transformed in an instant by the touch of the iron.

What do roller coasters smell like?

roller coasters smell like oil and metal or wood or what they are made out of.

What does Mendelevium smell like?

manganese feels like a bump or feels rough

Is it normal for your vagina to smell like metal?

Because of the iron in your blood.

What would cause your skin to smell like sulfur when you are angry?


What does metal wire smell like?

Most metals have virtually zero odor.

What causes metallic body odor?

There are several types of diseases that cause metallic body odor. These include Trimethylaminuria. Exposure to metal can cause a metallic body odor and even a zipper that is placed next to the skin will cause that area to smell like metal.

What does th black rhino's future look like?

they have black skin and they smell

Why does your breath smell like metal?

"Metal mouth" can come from several sources, but the most common is from eating underarm deodorant. The aluminum in the deodorant reacts with bacteria in the mouth to yield the smell.