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Interestingly, mine doesn't!

Yours may be due to a nervous "tic".

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the reason of yawning is that you brain doesn't get enough oxygen

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its natural

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Q: Why does your nose twitch when you yawn?
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Can you yawn without opening your mouth?

Yes, you can. Yawn by breathing with your nose. It's tricky, but I just did it. :)

How do you twitch your nose like they do on bewitched?

She didn't really twitch her nose, she did something with her mouth that looked like she was twitching her nose.

How do you stop nose twitching?

I think you can stop it by just holding your nose when your nose is about to twitch, I have this problem too and its so annoying.

What is a home remedy for ears popping in a person?

hold nose with fingers, and blow out nose with it plugged. or just try and yawn

What musical item makes the twinkle sound of Samantha's nose twitch?

a xylophone

When do rabbits make sound and twithch their nose?

Actually they only make a sound when they are hurt etc. and they don't relay twitch there nose at all.

When you yawn air enters the body through the mouth or the nose from there it passes through the?

throat, bronchies, lungs

Why does your ear hurt when you swallow or yawn?

Possibly a ruptured drum. If you blow your nose & you can feel it in either of your ears, that is confirmation.

Do dogs yawn because their owners yawn?

No. They yawn for the same reasons we do.

Why do many yawn when one yawns even out of sight?

they yawn because when you yawn it passes on to other people . so you yawn then someone's right next to you then i think they inhale then they start to yawn ?

What would cause an eyelid to twitch and the end of the nose to tingle at the same time?

stress. nerves. if it continues or gets worse, see a neurologist.

Does a snail yawn?

yes they yawn quietly