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Cuz they thinking wanna eat it.

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2012-07-12 14:42:59
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Q: Why does your girlfriend always show off her buttcrack?
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Why do people show there butt crack?

because they think it is hot (i do this too i go out and perposly pull my pants down so my whole buttcrack is revealed or when i bent down i squat so hard that my pants almost come off and my whole buttcrack can be seen) so yes it is hot

How do you show off your girlfriend to others without bragging about her?

Ask if they like her and what they like about her. You will be showing off your girlfriend without bragging.

Is linsay lohan still with her girlfriend if so what is her name?

Lindsay Lohan is always on and off with her girlfriend, Sam.

How do you get a bra off?

to take off a bra you unhook the bra take your arms out next you show your boyfriend/girlfriend of husband your boobs (im a lesbian so i show my boobs to my girlfriend;)) and thats it !!

How do you make your girlfriend sexier?

You want to show her off to your friends? You better be the leader of the pack.

What does it mean when a guy tell his friends about you?

it means he want to show off to his friends he has a girlfriend

How do you make your ex jealous even though he has a girlfriend?

Just show off your body.

Why do teenage boys always try to show off?

Teenage boys always try to show off to get noticed. Many teenage boys like to have the attention on them and showing off is one way to get it.

What if a guy really doesn't think of you as a girlfriend but you are in love with him?

if a gut doesnt think of you as a girlfriend but you are in love with him then get a boob job and show it off in front of him.

How long before you careless ex girlfriend contacts you?

At anytime. And she's mire likely love you more if you get hurt A LOT!!!!!! Blonde's are the most careless girlfriend's. And is best to get a new girlfriend and show her off to your ex or ex ex girlfriend. If you show your newest girlfriend she's likely to accept you more as a friend.

How do you get a girlfriend at 11?

Be friendly to females. Don't bare your muscles and show off. Just be nice yes i totaly agree but, why do you want a girlfriend? you will have your whole life to get a girlfriend. dont try to rush it.

Why do teens love to kiss their girlfriends in front of his friends?

some people (not just teens) like to show off in front of their friends. especially if they have a hot girlfriend they wanna be like haha look at my super hot girlfriend who i can kiss. bsically its just to show off and brag to their friends.

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