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If it happens especially when it is exposed briefly to cold, it might be an indicator of a condition known as Reynaud's Syndrome. See your doctor. It is not terribly serious, but he or she should know about it.

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Q: Why does your finger go numb and pale?
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What if your index finger is turning blue and very numb what is wrong?

go to the doctor. the bloods not flowing to you finger.

You hit your finger with a hammer and finger goes numb why is it numb- at least for short period of time?

Probably due to damage of the nerve cells in your finger.

If you lick your finger and dip it in cocaine then put your finger on your lip and it gets numb is that considered trying it?


Why does my finger tip go numb all a sudden randomly?

It's a vague question to answer. There are nerves located in your fingers. These nerves stimulate impulses to your brain warning the body of the stimuli it is reacting with (ie. a foreign texture, hot/cold material, general pain). If your finger is not sending impulses (becoming numb) you might have damaged the finger during some type of activity resulting in nerve loss. However, other facts can attribute to numbness in the finger. You would have to be more direct on when the finger goes numb and for how long.

Will fingertips still feel numb after thawing from frost bite?

Yes, when I had frostbite on my finger, it felt tingly and numb. Eventually, blisters will form, after the blisters go down which might take a while, the entire layer of frostbitten skin will go dry and will have to be peeled off.

Can archery cause numb fingers?

If you shoot without a finger tab, yes.

Is it dangerous for your pinky finger stays numb?

Go see doctor. left one? Heart attack ? Poor circulation etc etc etc again go see a doctor

What causes only one finger to numb?

Some doctors use special injections to numb certain areas but I dont know there exact name

Had a local in the index finger 12 hours ago and is still numb?

It goes on the index finger because the index finger is the only finger that has a tendon connected to the heartThere is no scientific name for the width of the index finger

Is it normal after you get bitten by a horse fly for your leg to go numb?

no it should not be numb

Do pale blue and peach go together?

pale blue and peach go together

Can your fingers look normal and be broken?

if you cry and your finger loos like it is out of place temp splint it and go to the hospital if it hurts to move it at all splint in the position that it is in do not try to rebreak it your self yes if can look normal but if you see a small bruse forming go in do not wait till it gets worse for me i waitd about 2-3 hours the bruse got worse make sure when you go in to the hospital after they do the xray that they numb your finger some hospitals wont like denver health i normal go to childrens hospital for everything but it was a weekend and i knew they where going to be busy that why i went to dh they didnt numb my finger before they rebroke it they are suppose to do that