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okay something might be wrong with you i have scratched my leg hundreds of times and nothing has hurt. you should go see a doctor

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Q: Why does your ear hurt when you scratch your leg?
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Why do rabbits get ear infectoin?

Usually if a rabbit has an ear infection, it has had some sort of cold. Unless you are talking about an infection from a scratch. They can scratch their ear and it can become (the scratch itself) infected, treatment would include some sort of antibiotic ointment for the scratch. Treatment for the ear infection caused by a cold would include antibiotic shots and ear drops.

Can blowing a loud whistle in someone's ear hurt their ears?

Yes it can temporally hurt the ear but the ear will recover

Do skater get hurt to where they can't skate anymore?

well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah

Why does velcro hurt my ear?

if loud noises hurt your ear you may have an inner ear infection, have you been to the doctor lately?

Does streching ear hurt?

i an answering the question ( does stcreching your ear hurt?) right i have my ear percied 2 time on each ear, and on my right ear i have a 6g streching, going from a 0.00g to a 4g didnt hurt at all, it was a litlle pop and it was streched then the 6g one hurt i didnt cry it just hurt a little. so the higher you go the more it will hurt.

Why does your puppy scratch his ear so much?

Because it either has fleas, or has a ear infection.

Does your leg hurt before you get it amputated?

It depends on the type of injury you have or why the leg needs to be amputated. If there is paralysis, the leg may not hurt at all. If the nerves in the leg have been damaged, it may not hurt. If the leg has an infection, then yes, it will hurt, Pain medication may be given to help with the pain.

What do you do if horse hurts its leg?

It depends on how a horse has hurt it's leg. If it's just a scratch or small cut you can clean it and bandage it for a few days until it begins to heal. If it's a puncture wound or a break call and equine Vet immediately.

What do robin do with there leg?


Dog has hurt leg but acts fine?

How do you know the dog's leg is hurt if it's acting normally??

What leg did Kobe Bryant get his injury on?

He hurt his LEFT LEG

Did Liam Payne hurt his leg?

Yeah...he hurt his leg by walking up on stage to Tinie Tempah <3