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Get a new boyfriend...stoners are not likely to quit. I have not seen one quit long term. Only to pass a test for a job or probation. Even then it doesnt always stick with it long enough to be effective and they try to use flushes and products to pass test....good luck! (coming from someone who doesn't smoke and many in my family do)

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8y ago
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There may be many reasons:

1) He is addicted

2) He gain pleasure of it

3) He may feel "cool" when smoke

4) He may feel relaxed when smoke


If you want know the real reason just ask him why he is doing it.

And more importantly, DUMP HIM like the hot rock that he is.

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14y ago

Smokes alot, spends time outside, chews alot of gum, always is spraying himself and makde sures to check his pockets alot before you wash the clothes. You could ask him to.

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Q: Why does your boyfriend smoke so much weed?
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