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Most of the time it is to one of your guy friends and because he wants you to himself he always will make look bad or embarrise you in front of them so he has less people to worry about:)

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Q: Why does your boyfriend like to embarrass you?
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How do you make a sentence using embarrass?

If he acts like that, he will embarrass everyone. Don't embarrass me in public!

Use Embarrass in a sentence?

Here is a sentence embarrass can be used in " You embarrass me whenever you act like a fool in front of the class."

You keep embarasing yourself in front of your boyfriend is he right for you?

Probably. Its natural to embarrass yourself as long as he isn't complaining, forget about it.

Between embarrass and embarrass?

Embarrass is the correct spelling.

How do you get your dad to not embarrass you in front of your boyfriend?

You can't really. That's just what dads do and it's something that every girl has to go through. Just laugh about it.. :)

How do you use the word embarrass in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.I didn't mean to embarrass you in public.She tried to embarrass me by making fun of my clothes.He is easy to embarrass.

How do you say Not to embarrass you in spanish?

Not to embarrass you - para no desconcertarle

What do you do if you really like this guy who doesn't really like you back?

Forget him and don't embarrass yourself.

Will the guy you like do something that can embarrass himself like goes near you to stare at you if he doesn't like you?

no if you were going out then yes

What to do when your boyfriend tells your crush that you like him?

then he shouldn't be your boyfriend… if you have a boyfriend AND crush on someone else, you aren't ready for a strong relationship. so, if i were you, i'd break up with my boyfriend! also, if he's the kind of guy that tells people your personal stuff, then he's not the kind of guy you need to be around! you deserve someone who respects you and wouldn't ever say something that they know would embarrass you!

What is a sentence using word 'embarrass' in a sentence?

I will not embarrass you, sir.

What are the suffixes of embarrass?

The suffixes of "embarrass" are -ed, -ing, -ment, and -ing.