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When a person is active, they sweat more, resulting in the loss of fluids. Also, they lose fluids from breathing, because they tend to breathe faster and more deeply. Even a person while at rest loses fluids each time they exhale.

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Because when you exercise, you lose a lot of fluids. So what you lose, you have to gain back.

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because most of your body is water.

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Q: Why does your body need more water when you are active?
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If you start drinking more water will your body begin to crave more water and if so why?

No, if your body need more water, you have to give it. But be carefully it's not god if your body will receive more water then it need for healthy life.

How does sporting activities increase the demand for water?

Players are active and need a lot more water.

How much water should kids drink?

if a child is 9-13 of age he or she shpuld drink about 10.5 cups of water or more. Boys will need more water than girls. If active then more water is needed.

Why do people who are more active need to eat more food?

to support their activity level growth...! by;jenerika pritchard ;)

How do you increase body weight naturally?

You need to eat more calories while staying active. To do this naturally, you need to eat more calories out of natural foods such as whole grains, etc.

Which cells in your body would have a large number of mitochondria?

Metabolically very active cells. Examples are cardiac and muscle cels

Who needs the most calories people who are active or people that is not active?

People who are active typically need more calories than those who are not active. This is because physical activity increases energy expenditure, which requires more calories to fuel the body's needs. In contrast, people who are less active have lower energy demands and therefore require fewer calories.

What are the Factors that affect water intake of animals?

There are various factors that can affect an animal's water intake. These factors include the animal's size, health, diet, and environment. Size Animals with larger body sizes will require more water than those with smaller body sizes. Health Animals with illnesses or injuries can require more water than healthy animals. Diet Animals that consume a high-fiber diet will need more water than those on a low-fiber diet. Environment If an animal is living in a hot or humid environment, it will need more water than if it were in a cool or dry environment.In addition to the factors mentioned above, an animal's metabolism and activity level can also affect its water intake. Animals that are more active will need more water than those that are more sedentary.

Why do you need water and fluids?

You need water because 75% of your body is water and without water your body would stop working.

What body parts need water?

they all need water

How much calories do you have to eat in a day?

It depends on how active you are and how old you are. Daily recommendation is 2000 but you need less if you are less active and more if you are more active.

What is the recommended allowance for carbohydrates for a teen boy?

Six to eight servings... The more active you are, the more you'll need; the less active you are, the less you'll need.