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Because he is proud to show people that his gf is well endowed!

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Q: Why does your bf always want to touch your breasts in public?
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Do girls touch there breasts?

You have the right to touch yourself anywhere you want to.

Is it okay to touch a girl's breasts in Middle School in public?

uh NO. Why would you want to touch her breast in front of alot other kids. Then people might think of you as a perv or her as a slut. Answer: No are you an idiot? Your girlfriend would dump you on the spot, pervert.

How do you get a boy to grab your breasts?

He should want to touch them and there should be an agreement between the two of you.

Why do girls always want breasts?

Girls always want boobs cause guys think they are hot and it draws attention to themselves.

My boyfriend always grabs and smacks my butt in public sometimes I like it but I'll tell him to stop sometimes and he will for a little He also always grabs my breasts?

If he cares for you and truly respects you, he will stop if you truly want him to. You need to communicate it to him clearly that you do not like it and it stops now.

Do girls want to have large breasts?

They usually want medium-sized breasts. They don't want to be flat-chested, nor do they want breasts so large that they are made fun of or objectified.

How can you tell when a boy at school wants to touch your breasts?

That's easy. If he's a boy, then he'll want to touch your breasts. Touching your body is a natural progression in a relationship from other things. So if this boy is already your boyfriend, then it'll be safe to assume that he'll want to touch you. Likewise, if he's shown an interest in you as boyfriend/girlfriend then it's safe to assume he'll want to. But, if you're not in a relationship or at that stage with him, perhaps you should work on finding out if he likes you first, before worrying about him touching you.

Does a girl love you if she always plays with your hand and arm and always wants to touch you?

Well i just have a comment, she obiously cares about you alot! I love my boyfriend and i always want to touch him, kiss him, hug him and just be around him!

What should you do if you want to touch someones boobs and suck the nipples?

Well, you should first set the mood but making out and touching her arms. Then slowly make your way to her breasts and start feeling them, while still making out. Gradually take off her shirt, and still massage her breasts and nipples. Kiss your way down her neck and around her breasts and then her nipples! Then you can have all the fun you want with her breasts!

You want to let your boyfriend touch your breasts in public but is it legal?

yes, that's public display of affection. and quite disturbing to see. you wont get charged or anything, you'd get dirty looks and stuff talked about you. and maybe a warning if cops by chance see, or findout. its not a very wise thing to that kinda stuff for the bedroom.. im pritty sure your boyfriend can handle not touchin yooou in public.

Why parts of a girls or woman's body do sexual behavior guys get excited about and want to touch?

Coming from a guy, guys are most excited by a girls ass, and her breasts.

How do girls get bigger breasts?

There is no reason for you to want bigger breasts