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becaue when you see soeone yawn it makes ur brain think u need 2 yawn.


yawning is due to the fact you are breathing slower and not taking in enough oxygen

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Q: Why does yawning beget more yawning?
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What does Rob Prospect say before he snores?

"I'm yawning. I'm yawning some more."

How do you reduce yawning?

Get more sleep

Make a sentence with the word beget?

Violence begets more violence.

Where can you find information about yawning?

For many years yawning has been associated with one being tired, bored or stressed. If one wishes to learn more about yawning, the site with the most detailed information would be on Wikipedia.

Why can't you stop yawning?

You can't stop yawning because when you yawn your body is trying to get more oxygen into you body to try and stay awake. If you are yawning constantly your body is trying to keep you awake, the longer you stay awake, the more you will yawn.

Can yawning cause heart palpitations?

Um, I shouldn't think that yawning itself causes heart palpitations, but if you are extremely tired, there is more chance of you having a palpitation.

Is yawning more contagious when in a big or small room? does not matter

Why do you constantly yawn when your not tired?

Yawning serves various purposes, such as regulating brain temperature or increasing alertness. It can also be triggered by boredom, stress, or just seeing someone else yawn. It doesn't always indicate tiredness.

Is yawning contigous?

Similar to the howling of the wolf pack, which is designed to synchronize mood in gregarious animals, yawning would have signalled tiredness to other members of the tribe thousands of years ago. for more:

Why is yawning not contagious to people with autism?

Yawning is not a disease.

Is yawning rude?

if rude and yawning are defined as such i don't see any reason why the act of yawning be rude. yawning is physiologic. would urinating and defecating be rude also?

What is the spelling of the yawning sound?

The spelling of the yawning sound is "yawn."