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Love being a fairly strong emotion, it causes havoc with the body. Many chemicals are released to prepare it for what it expects to happen, and these can result in a sick feeling.

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Q: Why does someone feel sick when they are in love?
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Have you ever feel in love with someone?

Yes i have feel in love with someone!!!

How do you get love sick?

Love sickness is a metaphor, for how the heart hurts when you are away from someone you love. It is not an STD or virus, just a romantic idea, to describe how we feel when our heart and our brain is infatuated with romantic ideas about someone.

Why did we feel love sick when you are not with someone who you love?

Some people in all age brackets can be 'in love with love' and are classified as 'romanticizers.' They desperately want to be in love, but have not found it yet. They may date or even go steady with a person, but still feel lonely and are still looking for love.

If you eat a lot of chocolate will you feel in love?

No, you will feel sick! Especially alot of chocolate! But if it is a chocolate you like, you might feel in love?

Is someone that doesn't feel sick not contagious?

Of course

what dose love feel like?

you are sick, that is what it feels like

Can love for someone feel different from a love you had for someone else?


Why do you feel sick when you're dating someone?

Because you have feelings for them.

A word that tell how much you feel about someone?

sick and mad that's how i feel when i think of grant

How do you know if your still in love with someone after about a year?

Do you feel in love?

What is the worst pain someone can feel?

Love and love only..:(

Why do you feel so alone when someone you love is gone?

because you feel that love and attention is missing