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It's not that they never find anyone, it's just that it takes some people longer to get to that point. Besides a person has to be content with themselves first in order to find someone to love.

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Instead of never, try- Some people find true love later in life than most people. But as far today's lifestyle is concerned, you may find your true love, but people have become so self centered that rarely do they try to work on their relationship until they end up in couple of many more relationships and finally come back to their first one. People have lost the patience, compassion and the sense of being their for their soul mate (so called) these days. All this may seem crap to you if you are single and unable to find the one. My only suggestion is to just look out for the one and don't be too judgmental about the person, its not a retail store that you get what you want.

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Some people so belive there is such thing as 'true love' I say its just finding the right guy/girl. But special person may be right under your nose. As people in the world of love, we do know who the right mate is when you see them. Trust me. It may take time, but they are searching too, they may deny it but inside they're being sent a message from their brain saying, "Thier the one! Ask them!"

Hope I helped :)


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Q: Why does some people are having a hard time to find their true love?
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