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Its caleld jawndos [not shaw if i spelt it right but its pronounced jawn-dos it is a problem with the kidneys and it means your not getting enough sunlight don't worry its not serious it happens to lots of people. i learnt that in science ;D

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Your skin turns yellow in between your fingers because you need more vitamins and more moisturizer.

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because you put to much nail polish on your fingernails and toe nails and left it on their for too long

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From smoking and not washing your hands

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Q: Why does skin turn yellow between your fingers?
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Why do fingers turn yellow?

cuz you just stuck them in yellow paint or Jaundice

What happens appearance-wise to smokers?

tobacco can cause major changes in you r appearance, and they are not positive ones. Your clothing would begin to smell like smoke, and your teeth would turn yellow. On your face, wrinkles develop and you get sagging skin. Your fingers turn yellow.

What can carrots do to your skin?

they are healthy for your skin but if you eat to much you can turn yellow-orange

Which vitamins turn skin yellow?


Why does HNOs turn your skin yellow?

HNO3 has oxidized the proteins in the skin. HNO3 has oxidized the proteins in the skin.

What is a yellow pigment derived from food that sometimes colors the skin?

Beta carotene, found in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, can cause the skin to turn yellow.

Why does a person skin turn yellow along with eyes?


Do people with yellow people turn yellow?

Depends if the yellow people have some sort of skin disease, which is transferable then it is possible.

What determines a smoker?

a smoker's teeth are yellow. - skin is yellow-ish - finger tips turn yellow. - if their breaths stink..

Why is yellow fever called yellow fever?

Yellow fever has that name because about 15% of the cases progress to a toxic phase including liver damage and jaundice. Jaundice causes the skin to turn yellow, hence the name.

Can eating mangoes makes your skin turn yellow?

eating mangos does not turn your skin yellow, the same way i can't fly. however people sometimes get rashes on their faces from eating mangos because their are oils on the skin which is a relative of the poison ivy family.

What is a word that starts with the letter x and has to do with yellow fever?

A person's skin may turn yellow as a result of liver damage from yellow fever. The person's skin could be described as xanthic which means having a yellow color.