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I've been wondering the same thing, we will be us so I'll see if I can explain to me as well. Is there a value you put on your time or what you do with this lady? No me neither, just gave as much as I thought was good.Now I know a bit more, did I listen, did I hear what was said? Did I understand what she thought I should hear? I think I missed a lot as perhaps if you dig in memory honestly you will see. Sure we tell them there beautiful and physically try to please, but have you consciously put in effort and remember her favourite colour, surprise a woman by showing what you say is what you will show. I again missed a lot as I've never been able to read minds and when we want to show affection why didn't I? I know why, I am on a journey to to repair my thoughts as ashamed of not showing weakness until to late to say "I'm in need of help" instead of asking I didn't meet her at the door to show her that she was missed n cared for. The woman watched me slide until she had to send me away before she became weak as well. A pen n paper, jot down what you did vs what you said, as my list shows, I did talk, didn't hear, guessed and assumed, instead of space with moment of "I'm here,I'm yours, you mean the world to me shown" my lady loved me in her way as yours does you, take a step back and have a look at the mirror in front of you, Mine says I missed the greatest opportunity of my life by not just being the best me and learning to listen as well as learn to see and hear, express by doing even put my foot down and say no if needed. So a mouth full, this is just the tip that I have learnt, so instead of we love them more or why doesn't she care as much let's be the best we can and give them the freedom perhaps we tried to cage. I'm sorry for your loss but perhaps you can save yours by asking and excepting help with a open heart to learn.

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Q: Why does she hate me but i love her?
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