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I don't know, meth is incrediably damaging to your health.

I suggest smoking marijuana instead

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Q: Why does phlegm harden and become extremely difficult to excrete out of your throat after smoking methamphetamine?
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What is the the widely used method of taking methamphetamine?

Usually snorting or smoking...... intravenous occasionally.

How does methamphetamine get into the body?

Snorting it/inhaling through the nose, smoking it, eating it, or injecting it with a needle.

Can you get methamphetamine in your system if someone around you is smoking it?

Yes, being in close contact with someone who is smoking meth can leave it in your system, & you can be tested positive for it.

Why is it difficult for smokers to quit smoking?

It is difficult to quit smoking once one becomes addicted to nicotine.

Im pregnant and you have low hgc and isn't doubling is it due to you smoking and using methamphetamine?

If you have low hemoglobin count , this is because of the increased in circulating blood volume causing hemodilution. That is why you need to be taking iron and folic acid supplements to make your blood more red or to enchance RBC production. This is not due to smoking or methamphetamine.

How has science affected your views and societies views on the acceptance of smoking?

Scientific research has shown that smoking is extremely harmful.

How do you get your mom to quit smoking?

Smoking cessation is extremely difficult. Your mother should consult her doctor, and follow his or her directions. However, you should know that unless she wants very much to stop, she will probably not be successful.

Why teens should not be smoking?

Smoking is a bad idea for several reasons. It is addictive, so that once you start, it is usually very difficult to stop. It is extremely bad for your health. Statistically, it is estimated that half of all smokers will eventually die of a smoking-related disease such as lung cancer or emphysema. Even if smoking does not kill you, it will definitely make you less healthy. And smoking is expensive. People waste enormous amounts of money on smoking. And smoking is inconsiderate of others, who are subjected to secondhand smoke.

How does smoking affect your kidney?

its a difficult question ring nhs to find out

Can I quit smoking, through smoking cessation sessions?

First and for most, it depends on one willingness to give up smoking, its not so easy work but not to difficult, psychological fact is the big factor to get cessation from smoking.

Does smoking or drinking stop the growth of the penis?

No, not at all. Smoking and drinking may make it difficult to have sex, however, after long use.

Is smoking smarties illegal?

It might depend where you live, but smoking Smarties does not appear to be illegal - but it is extremely unhealthy. It can cause cause infections, coughing and choking.