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Nearly every cell in the body produces and enzyme called catalase, which breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen gas, forming bubbles. This enzyme can even be found inside the ear.

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Q: Why does peroxide fizz when you put it in your ear?
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What kinds of foods fizz when you put hydrogen peroxide on it?

Foods that are high in catalase enzyme, such as potatoes and liver, typically fizz when hydrogen peroxide is applied to them due to the enzyme's ability to break down hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, creating bubbles.

Why does yeast froth when put in peroxide?

Yeast produces an enzyme called catalase, which breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen gas. When yeast is added to hydrogen peroxide, the catalase enzyme reacts with the peroxide, generating oxygen gas bubbles, which causes the frothing effect.

Can you use peroxide in your ear?

Yes you can although you have to be triple sure that your ear drum is not punctured or burst. You have to consult a doctor to find that out. And be sure you don't have a solid ear wax plug where the hydrogen can wiggle its way behind and with no room left to expand it can damage your earIf you are sure it is not punctured and you don't have an ear wax plug, you can put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear. This will give you a fizzing sound. After a few minutes take a clean wash cloth and turn your head over to drain the peroxide. Then put some alcohol in the ear to dry it out. Make sure you get out all the peroxide because 'left overs' will make your ears fizz for a long time

How often should you put alcohal in your ear?

no alcohol just use peroxide

What food will not fizz in hydrogen peroxide?

gummy bears and kiwi's

What happens if you put peroxide in your ear and it still hurts?

It is not recommended to use peroxide in the ear because if it became trapped inside the ear, it could cause harm to the tissue inside the ear. Some home remedies would have warm water mixed with a small amount of peroxide mixed into it. But even then it is risky. The best medicine is to see your family doctor.

What happen when a cat cuts your dogs ear?

It bleeds a lot and you need to put peroxide on it and put some,"New Skin" on it.

Can mixing hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol be harmful when put in your ear?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a oxidizer and isopropyl alcohol is flamable so when you mix these two the chances of a fire or explosion goes way up. So Yes put it in your ear and write back on how it goes.

Can you put a Gauge in a already infected ear?

I mean, you CAN...nobody is stopping you, lol. But why would you want to? Make sure to clean your ear with HYDROGEN PEROXIDE to help fight the infection. Also, clean your tunnels/plugs in the peroxide.

Is it dangerous to put alcohol in your ear to disinfect it?

No, it is not dangerous. Placing rubbing alcohol inside the ear has been a tested remedy for removing water in the ear after swimming. Hydrogen peroxide works better at cleaning out the ear.

How do you treat an infected ear?

To treat an infected ear, it is important to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis and prescription of antibiotics if necessary. In addition, keeping the ear dry and clean, using warm compresses, and avoiding inserting anything into the ear can help manage the infection. Follow the doctor's recommendations for the duration of treatment to ensure full recovery.

Can you put a drop or two of rubbing alcohol in your ear to remove pool water after swimming?

Yes, to dry out your ears. Hydrogen peroxide (at the drug store),to remove ear wax.