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Dirt falls in any place, and as you know we touch many dirty things in effect that causes dirt to fall any little place it can! in your fingers nails so in conclusion, its just dirty things we touch.

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Because you touch dirty stuff.

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Q: Why does my nails get so dirty so quick?
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Why do you get the pathogen fungi?

If your nails get dirty then you get fungi. Trust me, you don't want to get your nails dirty BLECH! :P

How far down do you cut the guinia pigs nails?

close to the quick (the vein) but not too close. Cutting the quick happens occasionaly and is ok just painful and it will bleed. You can tell where the quick is easily with white nails (its red) but black nails are a bit harder. If you do cut the quick its fine, it happens!

Does it hurt when a guy fingers you?

It can if he is too rough. Check his finger nails over before you allow this. Long nails can cut your tissue and dirty nails are not good either so to protect your self check his hands. Make him wash them and trim nails.

What is Ralph startin to hate about his appearance?

He is starting to hate how long his hair is, and how dirty his nails are, and lastly how dirty his teeth are

What do you do if you don't have toothpaste and your teeth are dirty?

move to a house that does have toothpaste but be quick so your teeth stay white and not fall out

Can you go from sauna to swimming pool?

Yes, but take a quick shower in between so that you don't dirty the pool.

Quick and dirty compiler?

Quick and dirty compilers produce an object program quickly but in this stage code program may be inefficient of its storage consumption & its speed.

How togrow your nails out quick?

Daily eat boiled egg and drink milk, These items are rich in calcium which will help to grow nails

What is the full form of QDOS?

Quick and Dirty Oprating System

What will happen if you do not trim your dogs nails?

it will end up hurting the dog, also they could split and it hurts like when our nails split! TRIM YOUR DOG'S NAILS

How do you cut a cats nails?

You simply take cat nail clippers and clip it before the quick. The quick is the part on the nail that's pink. You want to make sure you don't cut this part, or it'll bleed, because usually a cats nail is white, so you can usually see a pink/red color on the nail. You would cut before the red/pick part(the quick).

Do dogs have nerves in the toenails?

yes The nerves are in the "quick" part of the nail, just like our fingernails and toenails. It can be seen as the pink area closest to the toe on clear or white nails, but not on black or brown ones. Pet supply stores have a brand of clipper that detects the quick so it is not cut while clipping the nails, which really hurts the dog and causes bleeding.