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no offense, bit just because he is "on a diet" doesn't mean he "can't look at the menu"

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Q: Why does my husband flirt with younger woman in front of me?
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What does it mean when a woman hits you playfullyand the woman is 20 years younger she is 30 years old and I am 50?

She's trying to flirt

Would you be upset if you were in a restaurant and your husband asked what the waitresses name was?

== == == == == == == == I guess it just comes down to, if you trust your husband enough to let him flirt with other woman..

Is it disrespectful for a husband to flirt with women when out on a date with his wife?

absolutley. love is supposed to be eternal in God's eyes, and if your husband is making googley eyes at another woman, you should talk calmly with him about it.

Why harry styles flirt with only who is older than him?

he flirts with younger ones to.... but if he likes older woman more then he does..... :) I LOVE HARRY EDWARD STYLES!!

Are people over the age of 60 can still cheat?

ANSWER: Absolutely, there are lots of man or woman who can still cheat, if it's the man you can be sure that the woman will be younger, after all he wants to feel younger. and excited full of life. But if its a woman you can be sure the man will be a bit younger because of sex and companionship that she never gotten from her husband.

Should the older or younger woman extend her hand?

The younger woman

What if your husband is a flirt and had a long affair with a woman does he love her or was it just sex how can you tell signs that he loves her and not you she told you she never want a relationship w?

Look you shouldn't take him back at all.

Why women hate most when their husbands cheats?

There are several things a wife detests when their husband cheats: being made a fool of when she trusted him; feelings of inferiority that she is not good enough for him and therefore seeks generally a younger woman and the thought of another woman making love with her husband.

What is a hotwife?

A hotwife is a married woman (usually a MILF or cougar) who sleeps with other (usually younger) men with her monogamous husband's full support and approval.

Hala alfahim is married to a younger man than her 10 year younger who is married and have kids. Her husband knows that is why he divorced her?

a woman cannot get married to a man when she is still she that stupid? her husband that stupid? her husband is a shrude person ..well known about that..whoever posted this is a stupid person who is imagining and making up stories..go to your business body..

Who is josh hartzler?

Josh Hartzler is the long time friend and current husband of Evanescence front woman Amy Lee.

Where would a man get information on how to flirt with a woman?

Advice from his friends or on the internet there is plenty of websites out there just on flirting alone. But some will go ask the bartender of their local bar, questions on how to flirt with a woman. They would know how to flirt since they see it a lot.